Volvo hosts major demo event for operators

Colin Barnett
April 9, 2023

By the end of tomorrow, (Friday 21 May), Volvo Trucks will have shown its wares to some 550 operators over two weeks at the Millbrook proving ground.

The event featured 11 trucks across the whole range, including its future fuel solutions, LNG and electric.18 Visitors, including existing and prospective customers, have been able to drive on a variety of road types within Millbrook, including the opportunity to take a pair of 8x4 tippers on the off-road route.

Presentations also looked at support products such as connectivity and finance.

Joe Roddy, Volvo’s network sales director for UK and Ireland said “It’s been fantastic to meet customers face to-face again. It’s been great to see how busy how busy operators are, especially in the construction sector. We could sell every 8x4 tipper we could get our hands on tomorrow.”

Head of media Martin Tomlinson added “The whole range has been well received, with particularly high levels of interest and discussion of the electric and LNG products.”

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