Volvo shows heavier electric trucks

Colin Barnett
December 11, 2019

Volvo has unveiled the vehicles to take its electrification programme to the next level. With orders now being taken by Volvo for its all-electric e-FE and e-FL urban distribution models, ahead of customer production starting in the next few weeks, it has turned its attention to the areas of regional transport and urban construction. The fully working concept vehicles are an FM 4x2 tractor and an FMX 8X4 Tridem tipper, currently sharing the same running gear as the existing pair.


Beyond the obvious air quality improvements, Volvo sees the new near-silent trucks as permitting an extension of night time operations, giving significant benefits in terms of congestion and road safety. You can read more, including first driving impressions, in Commercial Motor on 9 January.


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Colin Barnett

Colin Barnett has been involved in the road transport industry since becoming an apprentice truck mechanic and worked on Commercial Motor for 27 years

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