Volvo Trucks approved for plug-in grant

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January 15, 2024

Four Volvo Trucks models are now eligible for the government plug-in grant which offers up to £25,000 on new registrations. The 4x2 tractor units, FH Electric and FM Electric, with up to six batteries qualify alongside the FL Electric 4x2 rigid, and the FE Electric 6x2 rigid. 


Hannah Mayo, director of new vehicle sales, Volvo Trucks UK & Ireland, said: “The availability of our full range of electric vehicles represents a new era in road transport, and demonstrates our clear market leadership in electromobility. We ended last year with more than 250 electric truck orders secured for the UK and Irish markets. With the grant now extended to include the FH and FM Electric, there’s an extra incentive for UK fleets to begin the transition. Plus, with the grant scheme soon resetting for the new financial year, it’s the perfect time to be preparing applications.”


Each financial year the large truck grant scheme allows up to five grants at £25,000 for businesses, organisations or individuals. Up to 100 grants are available across the market annually after which point the following 250 grants will be paid at a lower rate of £16,000. At the lower rate businesses, organisations or individuals can get up to 10 grants. Once this limit is reached, the grant amount reverts to the large van rate at £5,000. The upper limit for any business, organisation or individual is 1,500 plug-in van and/or truck grants in one financial year. 


In the process of ordering a new electric Volvo, dealers can support customers through the grant application by applying on behalf of customers for new registrations. This applies to new vehicle purchases so claims cannot be made retrospectively. Volvo Trucks has a range of electric vehicle options all of which are in production and can be ordered, this includes the FH, FM, FMX, FE and FL models.


For more information on government plug-in vehicle grants visit:  

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