Weightlifter Bodies: 'We would only have sold Scottish division to Thompsons Group'

Emma Shone
July 17, 2017

Weightlifter Bodies has said it wouldn’t have sold its Scottish division if Thompsons Group had not chosen to expand into the country, but that it would be using the resources from the sale to grow its business elsewhere.

Weightlifter Bodies MD Paul Weightman said: “When Thompsons Group announced its intention to open a Scottish plant, it would have been imprudent for us not to have discussed what turned out to be mutually beneficial agreement.

"Had it not decided to open in Scotland, we would naturally have continued with Weightlifter Scotland.”

Thompsons took ownership of Weightlifter Scotland on 7 July, and will be using Weightlifter’s Royal Elizabeth Yard in Dalemy as the base for all of its Scottish operations.

All staff and assets have been transferred to Thompsons Group.

Weightman added: “Everything has turned out well for all involved; Thompsons Group has its Scotland operation, the workforce is still very much employed, and we have an opportunity to recycle those resources from the Scotland sale into increasing our capability and output in Scunthorpe and Wisbech. And that, I can assure you, is an opportunity we will readily take.”

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