What is AdBlue?

George Barrow
March 13, 2018

AdBlue is an additive which converts harmful nitrogen oxides (NOx) from your diesel vehicle exhaust into harmless nitrogen and water steam. This process considerably reduces the emission of (NOx) which are a major source of air pollution.

Due to emissions regulations and SCR Technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction) in new vehicles the consumption of AdBlue® has rapidly increased.  The Regulation has been in effect since October 2006 and all new trucks built since then must be equipped with SCR technology and must also use AdBlue®. Failure to do so could lead to several penalties, including the suspension or the withdrawal of your Operators Licence.

The average consumption of AdBlue® compared with diesel for trucks is approximately 4% to 5%.  Therefore, in real terms this equates to:

  • For local distribution:                      about 500L/year
  • For national distribution:              about 1,000L/year
  • For international distribution:     about 2,000L/year

AdBlue consumption is proportional to the distance travelled but other factors, such as the type of driving, the ambient temperature and the type of route can also affect consumption.

AS 24 has one of the largest AdBlue® networks in Europe providing a quality product at a competitive price.  AS24 provides its customers with the ability to purchase AdBlue® and Diesel across its European Network at the pump, helping to save time and offer better financial management through a unique online invoice.

  • This article has been supplied by AS24.

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