Wiltshire Council has a pair of Axtec Dynamic Axle Weighbridges installed

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February 13, 2023

Axle weighing specialist Axtec, has supplied a pair of its Dynamic Axle Weighbridges to Rigg Construction in Melksham, Wiltshire. The installations are a result of Rigg being appointed to implement a ‘ground-up’ refurbishment at Wiltshire Council’s salt depots in Warminster and Chippenham.

The weighbridges were installed by Axtec, which also took care of laying flat slabs to highly accurate tolerance levels, as determined by the existing yard levels.

Dynamic Axle Weighbridges, which can provide the complete weight of a 6-axle artic in 40 seconds, are described by Axtec as “the most accurate dynamic weighbridge in the UK and Europe”. It says they can determine individual axle and a gross vehicle weight to an accuracy of +/- 0.25%. The truck simply needs to be driven over the weighbridge at a constant speed of 2.5mph in order to obtain instant weight figures. Large remote displays provide the driver with axle and gross vehicle loads, tickets are printed on demand, and all data is stored for future scrutiny.

Wiltshire Council will be using the weighbridges for its fleet of gritters, including the DAF LFs pictured, both before departure and upon return. This will ensure compliance with the Road Vehicles (Authorised Weight) Legislation, and determine salt quantities according to specific routes.

Simon Rowe MBE, operations resilience manager at Wiltshire Council, said: “I’m really pleased with the efficiencies that the new weighbridges will deliver. We’ve been working with Rigg and Axtec on our new depot projects across the county and we’ve built an excellent relationship with both companies. The product and communications are excellent, and the solutions are always tailored to the site and the application.

“We now have a single weighbridge supplier across all of our sites, meaning that our drivers are familiar with the equipment and the operation.”

The refurbishment of both salt depots includes new salt barns, vehicle workshops and storage, offices and welfare spaces.



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