Supplier A-Z: Camera

Supplier A-Z: Camera

Supplier A-Z: Camera

Looking for goods and services? The Supplier A-Z offers a selection of reputable companies from across the road transport sector. If you want to feature here, contact

Brigade Electronics

Brigade Electronics is a market leader of safety devices with solutions to suit all commercial vehicles and mobile plant. Brigade’s complementary range of safety devices help prevent collisions by assisting the driver whilst protecting workers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Sentinel Systems

Our wide range of quality and reliable reversing and multi-camera 360° surround view products with latest MDVRs, remote Live View monitoring and incident reporting. Now installing Direct Vision Standard (DVS) systems meeting TfL permit requirements for HGV operation within Greater London.

Trailer Vision

Vehicle camera and safety systems, including Omni-Vue™ Digital HD 360 degree ‘Surround View’ and Cycle-Safe™ Optical VRU detection. OEM specification systems meet DVS and other compliancy standards. Tailored to customer requirements. National installation service.


Trakm8 is the recognised leader in technology solutions for fleet management, telematics, route optimisation and vehicle cameras. Trakm8’s offerings are adaptable for all fleets; providing intelligent insights that can improve fleet efficiency and reduce risk.