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United Kingdom

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Our range consists of six divisions:

Industrial vehicle; consists of tow tractors and load carriers with various tow and payload capacities, body and cab options.

Specialist Projects; When you can find a vehicle for your operational requirements, we can build electric vehicles to your exact requirements.

PRM vehicles; transport in passengers comfortably and safely at airport and rail terminals

Goupil; all-electric, zero-emission light commercial road vehicles

Club Car; golf buggies, passenger and utility vehicles

Event Hire; Our vehicles are available for long, short and medium term hire

With a reputation for producing some of the safest, most robust and versatile products in the sector, the Bradshaw range is used by some of the world’s leading brands.  Our extensive range of tow tractors includes narrow width, mid-range, and high-capacity tractors, offering tow capacities between 1 and 25 tonnes.  The Bradshaw load carriers are ideal for transporting materials and products around site with payloads up to 3-tonnes and a wide selection of cab and body options.

Our articulated trailer movers are invaluable to lorry trailer manufacturers, warehouses, and distribution logistics.  The PT2000 is used in trailer manufacturing, towing trailer chassis along the production line.  For warehouse and distribution logistics, the PT2000-AIR with a built-in air compressor safely shunts lorry trailers up to 20-tonnes allowing for swift operations without needing an HGV licence.  The PT2500 with remote-control functionality provides enhanced flexibility, manoeuvrability, and safety with a 25-tonne capacity.