Used skeletal trailers for sale

The introduction of ISO (shipping) containers after WW2 revolutionised the international shipping of goods. At first the road movements of containers happened on standard flatbed trailers with pins (twistlocks) to secure them. However the 20-foot containers had to be carried in the middle of the trailer creating problems when unloading at traditional loading bays. A short skelly trailer enabling the carriage of a single 20-foot container that could be unloaded on a bay became popular. Transport companies that specialised in containers soon asked for full length PSK 40-foot trailers to be built in the same way.

Skeletal trailers today have become far more versatile, able to carry a single 20-foot container, 2 x 20-foots, 1x 40-foot or 1 x 45-foot. The ability to shorten the skeletal wheelbase allows a single 20-foot to be in the middle of the trailer when travelling on the road and to be moved to the very rear of the trailer for loading and unloading. A combi skeletal trailer can carry 2 x 20-foot containers, and split in half to place both on a loading bay at the same time. Skeletals can also be fitted with cranes to allow them to be loaded/unloaded at ground level.

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