Free webinars from us and our sister titles


Free webinars from us and our sister titles


Check your assets, protect your O-licence 22/07/2020

Commercial Motor and digital tachograph analysis specialists Aquarius discuss electronic vs paper when it comes to managing and reporting on all aspects of road worthiness and compliance.

The keynote speaker is former senior traffic commissioner Beverley Bell CBE, now director of Beverley Bell Consulting, who offers her expert insight on governance and the importance of creating a level playing field in the commercial vehicle industry when it comes to driver and vehicle safety and compliance. 

Using examples from her 17 years as a TC, Beverley explains why it’s important for operators to have all the necessary checks and balances in place so as not to give the authorities an ‘excuse’ to investigate further. Register to watch the recording here.



Introducing the New MAN Truck generation 16/07/2020

MAN's new truck generation is consistently oriented towards the changing requirements of the transportation industry and sets new standards for – among other things – assistance systems, driver orientation and digital networking. The generation thus represents the development of MAN from vehicle manufacturer to a provider of intelligent and sustainable transport solutions bringing new levels of comfort, safety, efficiency, reliability, service as well as connectivity and digitalisation, focusing on four core topics:

  • Excellent driver fit; the driver is the focus
  • Greater efficiency and economy
  • Optimised uptime; utmost availability over the entire service life
  • Strong partner; competent and personal partnership

This free webinar features MAN introducing their new truck generation & TopUsed used vehicle programme, giving you the opportunity to hear directly from the management team. Register to watch the recording here.



Direct Vision Standard explained 19/05/2020

From February 2021 it is expected an estimated 250,000 trucks over 12 tonnes GVW running into Greater London must have a Direct Vision Standard (DVS) permit.

Once in force, DVS will require all lorries to reach a minimum one star to enter the capital, or be fitted with a compliant Safe System relying on cameras and sensors. Failure to comply could result in fines of £550 per day per vehicle.

Motor Transport’s webinar, in partnership with Brigade Electronics, explores your key questions and gives you the opportunity to hear from our panel of experts on the topic. Register to watch the recording here.



My Transport Planner 05/05/2020

My Transport Planner is a unique, on-demand transport planning tool which will enable fleet operators of all sizes to increase vehicle utilisation, cut costs and reduce emissions from road transport.

Using the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, My Transport Planner is a pay-as-you-go solution, and costs less to use than the savings it generates. It is more efficient than manual planning yet does not require any of the integration or installation of many route optimisation solutions.

Andy Salter, MD of Motor Transport publisher DVV Media International, said: “My Transport Planner is a truly innovative product which has the potential to transform the efficiency of road transport and logistics operators in the UK and beyond. Register to watch the recording here.



Temporary Relaxation of Driver Hours 08/04/2020

What does this mean? How have you managed your drivers so far? Will there be more relaxation plans to follow?

It is still important that drivers are getting enough rest! We’ll give some examples of how our customers are planning their day and give some anecdotes about ways in which they are working.

Flexible working – Contingency & Emergency Planning - Clarification of this statement put out by the Senior Traffic commissioner. Explain how this translates to the day to day activity for businesses.

IR35 - You now have more time to plan – this isn’t going away. What does it mean, and how you can prepare? Register to watch the recording here.



Common Compliance Pitfalls 16/10/2019

After the biggest changes in tachograph legislation in 12 years happened in June this year when a new generation of mandatory digital recorders was introduced, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger compliance picture while concentrating on these new details.

This webinar explains some of the top enquiries Aquarius receive from their customers on the subject of drivers’ hours law, the working time directive, digital tachographs and other DVSA requirements.

Other pitfalls also covered include record-keeping requirements in emergency situations and monitoring, identifying and accounting for missing kilometres when comparing driver cards and vehicle data. Register to watch the recording here.



Smart Tachograph Technology 18/06/2019

June 2019 saw the biggest change in tachograph legislation in 12 years, with the introduction of the new generation of on-board mandatory digital recorders to enforce drivers’ hours rules.

In order for operators to transition through this major change to tachograph legislation, Commercial Motor teamed up with leading digital tachograph analysis specialists Aquarius to bring you an exclusive webinar.

This one hour CM Special webinar recorded on 18 June 2019, explains how roadside enforcement will work, what geo-positioning of smart tachographs means for road transport operators and how it works in conjunction with earned recognition. Register to watch the recording here.