In-cab and forward-facing cameras: a look at how the technology is used and deployed

Commercial Motor
April 8, 2020

In-cab and forward-facing cameras are increasingly becoming indispensable pieces of technology for fleet managers to equip their HGVs.

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And the clear range of benefits they provide make it easy to see why.

Cameras can be used to help prevent crime, raise driving standards, boost road safety and in some cases lower insurance premiums.

They are also mandated on contracts requiring operators to prove their safety credentials through compliance with HGV schemes such as CLOCS, FORS and the incoming Direct Vision Standard in London.

As the technology becomes cheaper, smaller and more user-friendly, adoption levels are likely set to increase.

Along the way, it examines key features that operators expect from their camera systems and looks at their willingness to explore and trial new technology innovation.

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