A deep dive into the selection, buying methods and maintenance of tyres and wheels

Commercial Motor
March 2, 2020

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Choosing the right tyres and adopting the best wheel maintenance regime can make a huge difference to a fleet operator’s bottom line.

Indeed, according to EU tyre labelling standards, fuel consumption can be affected up to 30% by the choice of tyre used on a vehicle.

And with the average 44-tonner travelling 80,000 miles per year costing an operator

£48,952 in diesel/AdBlue (around one-third of total operating costs)*, fuel-efficient, high-mileage tyres are a no-brainer for fleet managers.

Then there is the decision on how best to procure the tyres, such as whether to adopt a pay-as-you-go approach or the certainty of a pence-per-kilometre contract.

And once purchased, an effective maintenance regime is essential to keep vehicles safe and compliant as well as maximise the lifecycle of the product.

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