Direct Vision Standard explained

Commercial Motor
August 20, 2020

Do you operate into London and have questions about how the upcoming Direct Vision Standard (DVS) might apply to your fleet?

The new rules will become enforceable from the end of February 2021 and will require all vehicles of 12 tonnes and above to meet a minimum standard of direct vision from their cabs.

If they do not, then operators must hold a valid safety permit to prove that their vehicles are fitted with approved visual and detection aids such as cameras and sensors to enter the capital.

With industry in a current state of flux due to the coronavirus pandemic, it may be difficult to find time to research all the information you need to ensure your vehicles are compliant with DVS.

Motor Transport has therefore done the hard work for you and hosted a free webinar on the topic.

Held in partnership with technology firm Brigade Electronics, the webinar will bring together experts from industry to help answer all your key questions.

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