Hot Topic: Repair, maintenance and digital compliance 2022

Commercial Motor
September 6, 2022

This survey looks at strategies for repair and maintenance trends, as well as views on digital compliance, set against the challenging backdrop of today’s operating sector.


It examines the vehicle repair and maintenance strategies adopted by operators, focusing on the choices they make and reasons for their choices.


We also take a look at the role digital aids and technology are playing when it comes to fleet compliance and maintenance regimes.


This supplement was produced in conjunction with Jaama, Hireco and Totalkare.


Topics include:

  • Respondent breakdown
  • Chosen strategy
  • Case study: Jaama
  • Outsourcing trends
  • Case study: Hireco
  • In-house preferences
  • Case study: Totalkare
  • Digital compliance
  • Conclusion and testing data